The Best Flash Animation of All Time

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The absolute best Flash movies of all time are as follows:

Hall of Fame

I Love Death One Eyed Films (with Lodger) Professional Image Hosted by
Dad's Home Sakupen Newgrounds Image Hosted by
There She Is SamBakZa (with The Witches) Unknown Image Hosted by
Shii's Song brandy 199 (with game music)2channel Image Hosted by
Additional excellent videos are divided up into these categories:

Best Animation

num1000 512kb cache mix 512kb (with Cranky) 2channel Image Hosted by
Natsumi StepKoshiandoh (music: I've Been Working On The Railroad) 2channel Image Hosted by
Prowlies at the River Adam Phillips Professional

Best Story

Halloween 2003 (antithesis to I Love Death) Luxmore Something Awful Image Hosted by
What I Did Last Summer (mirror) (mirror2) Luxmore Something Awful Image Hosted by
Bear HelloThe Friend SocietyThe Friend SocietyImage Hosted by
Salad Fingers (2 3 etc.)David FirthNewgrounds Image Hosted by

Best Music

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me Bernard Derriman (with TISM)Professional
Walk Smash Walk Sakupen Newgrounds
Elevator Ravi Yogatori (with game music)2channel Image Hosted by
I've Got Some Falling To DoAndrew Kepple (with Neil Cicierga)None

Best Comedy

Hyakugojuuichi Neil Cicierga (with anime music)Something Awful Image Hosted by
Arfenhouse: The Movie (Part 2) Disaster Labs NewgroundsImage Hosted by
The Story of Thanksgiving/Christmas/whateverShmorkySomething Awful Image Hosted by
Kikkoman Yogatori2channel Image Hosted by
The amount of work put into these was really great, but they aren't exactly the best of all time:

Honorable Mentions

Ringu's SadakoAnonymous2channel
Mario Twins Keith McKnight (with Group X) Newgrounds
Potter Puppet Pals Neil CiciergaSomething Awful
Smoke KillsAnimult.ruUnknown
The Attack of the Giant Red Octopus Studio TanukiNone
Irrational ExuberanceVelosoPyoko (loosely linked to SA)

Professional Mini-Series

(not quite the subject of this website...)
Ninjai: The Little NinjaAtom Films
XombieJames Farr
Broken SaintsBrooke Burgess
The following movies are devoid of any planning or rational thought. You have been warned.


The Demented Cartoon Movie Brian KendallAlbino Blacksheep
Miko Miko Nurse Masked (...) (with game music)2channel
Magical TrevorWeebl British 3nterTainment Association
End of the WorldUnknownUnknown
Teach Me (NWS)The Comic Book FactoryUnknown
Butts (NWS)The Friend SocietyUnknown
Was your favorite movie not included? Post a thread about it, why don'cha

The best Flash movies ever were made by artists from: the U.S., Japan, Finland, Korea, Russia, and England. THESE COUNTRIES HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR COLLECTIVE HANDS.

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